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3 wishes for Office 365 in 2016

J. Peter Bruzzese | Dec. 23, 2015
Data center flexibility, honest reporting, and file sharing clarity will make the lives of Office 365 admins much smoother in the year ahead

OneDrive and SharePoint Online: A clearer distinction for personal file shares vs. network file share migration

One problem with OneDrive is that the service is often mistaken as a replacement for file servers within an organization. That's not an accurate view. You can use SharePoint Online to assist with document management and companywide file sharing, but OneDrive is meant for personal file sharing and collaboration. There's a slight difference, as you can see, but it's not made entirely clear to Microsoft's cloud customers. Thus, I'm often asked how to fix the "problem" of OneDrive when it's used to replace file servers.

Microsoft recently released its new Next Generation Sync Client, which provides selective sync, support for larger files (up to 10GB), removal of the 20,000 file sync limit, and so on. Microsoft says Next Generation Sync Client will support SharePoint document libraries in future releases. But what I want to see is a clearer distinction in how these solutions can and should be used so that folks on Office 365, especially IT pros managing portals, will understand more clearly how they operate. Then I'd like to see tools that focus more on migration and management of file shares to document libraries in SharePoint Online.

Microsoft is developing aggressively to keep Office 365 moving ahead. There is little competition other than its own on-premises offerings (Microsoft vs. Microsoft), and to get folks into the cloud, it'll have to keep enhancing the solution until it makes no sense to maintain and manage on-premises infrastructure and services. The coming year should certainly be interesting.

Source: Infoworld 


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