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3 tech leaders reveal challenges amidst industry change: CeBIT panel

Jennifer O'Brien | June 5, 2017
ASX, IAG and MidCoast Water discuss ways to future-proof infrastructure for mobility and enterprise enablement.

Squire recognised the ASX, like other companies in every industry, need to collaborate more.

"Traditionally, technology has been so siloed. . . But with cloud and all of the changes that have been happening, whether it is software defined networking, infrastructure as code, all of that, systems engineers now need to learn how to code.

"You can no longer be a systems engineer who just knows how to administer the box. So those skillsets need to change. Dev and ops need to work closer together, because dev have those skills, but they don't have the infrastructure skills. So we really need to focus on the collaboration piece."

Indeed, the need for collaboration is prompting massive transformational changes across government and industry - and so sweeping are the changes that she said her work remit has transformed.

"I've noticed that my role has changed. It used to be quite technical role, but now it is actually about culture change and it is equally as important, if not more, than the actual technical piece. How do you get everyone working together? How do you create that safety culture where your systems engineers don't feel threatened by devops and how do you take them on that journey?"

Source: CIO Australia 


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