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23 signs your cloud project may be in trouble

David Taber | Feb. 6, 2014
On many an old map, unknown territories were marked, 'Here be dragons!' Sure, it's actionable, but it's not very informative. Centuries later, do we have the same problem with software project management? Here's how to slay the dragons that threaten to set your cloud projects aflame.

A typical wargaming exercise shouldn't take more than an hour. It should be a cooperative exercise that involves both management and the team (either staff or consultant) and occurs at four critical junctures:

  • While you finalize the statement of work, project schedule and budget;
  • Just as the project starts;
  • At the project's 50 percent mark (in days or dollars, whichever comes first), and
  • Before any "project get-well" or big go/no-go meeting.


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