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OCZ Trion 100 review: An affordable SSD with a problem

Jon L. Jacobi | July 24, 2015
OCZ's new Trion SATA 6Mbps SSD is the NAND equivalent of a combo drive: It uses slow but dense 19nm TLC (Triple Level Cell) for the majority of its storage, and a cache of much faster SLC NAND to increase performance. It's not the only drive on the market that uses the fast/slower NAND model, but in the Trion's case, the TLC is slow, and there's not nearly enough SLC cache to maintain performance during even modestly large file transfers. Especially in the lower-capacity models.

Price, Warranty and recommendation

The Trion does come in pretty darn cheap: $57 for the 120GB model, $88 for the 240GB, $185 for the 480GB version, and only $370 for the 960GB drive. A few of months ago, that might have wrung another half-star out of me in spite of the performance bottleneck. But worthy bargain drives from Crucial, Kingston, Samsung, Sandisk, and even OCZ have dropped to near or below 40 cents per gigabyte.

OCZ backs the Trion with a modest three-year warranty and TBW ratings of 30TBW (120GB), 60TBW (240GB), 120TBW (480GB), and 240TBW for the 960GB model. That's about par for bargain SSDs. TLC hasn't been on the market that long, so there are still some trust issues, but I don't think longevity will be a problem for anyone who reads this review because I simply can't recommend the Trion. I've seen some pretty decent ratings for the Trion in other reviews, but if I bought it, then watched it settle down at 150MBps while I was copying a movie file, I'd be pretty upset. Especially knowing that I passed up much better drives in the same price range.


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