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Here's the hardware one world champ uses for gaming domination

Gordon Mah Ung | Aug. 19, 2016
This week on Hardcore Hardware, five-time world champion Counter Strike: GO player Stephanie Harvey tells us what it takes be a winner.

The three M’s

It’s not just about what’s inside the PC though; it’s also about the three M’s: monitor, mouse, and mouse pad.

Harvey said the typical 60Hz panel doesn’t work for her—all her gaming must be on a high-frame monitor. 

Nothing gets as close to a gamer as the mouse, and for that Harvey uses a Razer DeathAdder. Though mice are often marketed on insane DPI rates—up 10,000 DPI in some cases—Harvey uses the DeathAdder at a fairly low 400 DPI setting. She said for her, it’s about the mouse not losing track or skipping.

That means, believe or not, the necessity of a good mouse pad. Harvey uses a SteelSeries QcK+.  Her current favorite keyboard is a Corsair K65RGB, which is the same one I favor—so I must be good, right?

The Match

With both machines set up, we played one-on-one for a round and it was simply unreal. I’m no twitch gamer but I’ve been around the block a few times. missharvey’s reaction times were simply next-level. I could not step two feet away from cover without instantly being put down. She could head-shot me from across the small map with an AK.

Only after being insta-killed eight or nine times did she lose interest and I was able to score a few hits. They weren’t death blows, but I at least had the moral victory in scoring a few shots. In the end, my kill-to-death ratio must have been 1:30.

At home in a pickup game, I would have long ago rage-quit—after typing “cheaterz aimbots!”—but seeing her warm up (yes, warm up—do you warm up before playing a video game?) and witnessing her next-level reaction times, it was actually a privilege to get so completely blown out by her.

The Lifestyle

Being a pro-gamer isn’t Hot Pockets and LOLS all day, either. Harvey currently lives in a “gaming house” with other team members, which sounds like an MTV Cribs episode of fun and hijinks, but is actually serious business.

There’s a strict healthy diet to be adhered to, and physical workouts to stay in shape. A healthier player is a better player, and when you have to sit in a chair and play games for hours on end, being in poor shape is a drag on the player and a drag on the team.

They don’t even get to stay up and party. Harvey said getting plenty of sleep to prepare for the grueling hours is also key to victory. Sounds like, well, an athlete’s kind of life style.


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