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Grueling endurance test blows away SSD durability fears

Ian Paul | Dec. 8, 2014
An oft-discussed drawback to solid state drives was that they were ultimately unreliable. Despite the performance gains for your PC, it was only a matter of time before "poof!" your SSD would just up and die with almost no warning.

The big takeaway is that you shouldn't fear the SSD. There are plenty of justifiable reasons to stick with HDDs over SSDs, including price and capacity. But holding back because you're afraid an SSD is not as reliable as an HDD shouldn't be a concern.

That said, even with an SSD you should always have a solid back-up plan by storing your data on a second drive locally, as well as a cloud-based or other off-site back-up. Here's a guide to doing just that if you need it.

And even though you can depend on an SSD to last a while, there are still ways to maximize any drive's lifespan. Check out our tutorial on how to extend your SSD's life even longer for info on that, and also be sure to check out Tech Report's SSD endurance test series for more nitty-gritty details. It's great geeky reading.


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