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Enterprise flash arrays pack in more storage with denser media

Stephen Lawson | Aug. 13, 2013
Sub-20nm flash can hold more data in the same space but challenges loom for next generations.

Though designed for higher speed with low cost, hybrid arrays deliver "lumpy" performance because they aren't good at predicting what data will be most in demand and putting it in flash, said founder and CEO Thomas Isakovich. That's especially a problem with server and desktop virtualization because they cause increasingly random workflows, he said.

With its new systems, the Gemini F400 and Gemini F600, Nimbus expects to reach midsized enterprises along with large organizations, Isakovich said. The F400, designed for midsized customers, uses 16-Gigabit Fibre Channel and 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and will sell for less than $60,000 with 3TB of capacity installed. The higher-end F600 will have InfiniBand and 40-Gigabit connections and cost less than $80,000 with 3TB. The F600 is designed for customers who need ultra low latency, such as electronic trading companies.

Each of the Nimbus devices can be fitted out with as much as 48TB of capacity in a 2U system, and with compression and deduplication, that can equal as much as 385TB of usable storage, Isakovich said.


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