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Brocade switches to deploy in New Australian Genome Research Facility network

Ike Suarez | July 25, 2014
Switches will deliver low latency Gigabit Ethernet performance at wire speeds.

The Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF) is deploying a high performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) core network linking its five laboratories in this country-Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth-with the Brocade 16 X 6610 switch serving as its switches.

A press statement by Brocade Communications Systems said that its ICX 6610 switches will deliver the low latency GbE performance at wire speeds demanded by the network, whose users are heavily into big data.

The press statement by the San Jose, California-based provider of networking solutions said the switches will handle three years of projected growth in large masses of data transmitted through the network.


A national non-profit organization, AGRF is Australia's largest provider of genomics services by way of its five laboratories and its clients include academic, applied research and commercial markets.

Such services include the fields of biomedicine, plant and animal science, microbiology, evolutionary biology and biodiversity with its clients found not only in Australia, but also from other countries, the Asia-Pacific included.

The press statement pointed out that advances in the science of genomics have led to heightened demand for the use of big data as a tool enabling R & D in this field.

It noted that as a result of AGRF's use of the latest generation in gene sequencing technology, the organisation generates data files of over a terabyte every week off its five systems in operation.

Thus, AGRF's need for more robust IT capabilities which include 80 terabytes of storage with 10GbE connectivity to handle the exponential growth in data archiving.

Brocade ICX 6610 has four dedicate 40 GbE stacking parts,enabling up to eight switches to be linkied into a single device and managed through a single IP address. As such, it has 320 Gbps of total backplane stacking bandwidth.

Each switch also has up to eight 10 GbE  fiber ports and 48 1GbE ports.

The press statement said the switching solution is very much plug and play and scalable to accommodate more servers if needed.



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