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Windows 10 Build 14352 lets Windows Insiders run two antivirus programs on their PC

Mark Hachman | May 30, 2016
You can now request specific songs of Cortana, and record more games using the built-in Game Bar.

With Microsoft’s Insider Preview Build 14352 of Windows 10, released on Thursday afternoon, new features include the ability to ask Cortana for specific songs and ink reminders in Windows Ink’s Sticky Notes. The most interesting addition is this: You can now run two antivirus programs on your PC.

Gamers, too, receive a boost: full-screen Windows Game bar support for some perpetual hits like League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

There’s one catch: Just as Google requires a subscription to Google Play Music to process specific song requests, you must have a subscription to Microsoft’s Groove Music to enable the new request-line feature in Cortana.

Why this matters: Microsoft hasn’t boosted Windows 10’s capabilities dramatically with this new Insider build. But the improvements are building toward Microsoft’s Anniversary Update sometime this summer, specifically the upgrades to Cortana and Windows Ink.

Command Cortana to play music

Specifically, you can now ask Cortana to:

  • “Hey Cortana, play <song name>”
  • “Hey Cortana, play <artist>”
  • “Hey Cortana, play my <Groove playlist name>”
  • “Hey Cortana, pause”

Cortana’s other upgrade includes timer support: You can order Cortana to “set a timer for 10 minutes,” “cancel my timer,” or even ask “how much time is left?”

Windows Ink gets a little smarter

One of the things we couldn’t show off as part of our Windows Ink preview and how-to was how to ink reminders to yourself using the Sticky Notes app. Up to now, Sticky Notes has had all the personality of, well, a sticky note. Now, if you write a URL, it will transform itself into an Edge Web page. Reminders will enter themselves into Cortana, and email addresses will trigger your email app.

windows 10 compass
Voila—the new Windows Ink compass.

Microsoft added a compass to Windows Ink’s Sketchpad, presumably to let you know if your drawings were literally on the level. Microsoft also fixed several bugs and streamlined the Ink environment—turning on touch inking automatically if your stylus is disconnected, for example.

An additional line of defense

In general, if you want to run an antivirus program on your PC, you have a choice: run Microsoft’s built-in Windows Defender, or something else. With Build 14352, you can do both. 

limited periodic scanning control panel
Here’s where you can turn Limited Periodic Scanning off an on.

If you install a third-party antivirus program, you can let it run as a real-time defense against all sorts of malware. The new feature, called Limited Periodic Scanning, allows Windows Defender to run periodically as well. Microsoft claims to scan 500 million devices each month for malware, and Windows Defender catches malware on 1 to 2 million of those at any given time. 


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