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Windows 10: Adapt or die

Gregg Keizer | Oct. 6, 2015
Big rethink in the cards for enterprises because of 'new velocity of change' in Windows


"It's not Microsoft that's forcing this onto the market. Windows 10 is just following the market, forced by mobility," Kleynhans argued. "Microsoft is just following the pattern by the market at large. It's been inevitable that we've had to move to something more frequent like this. Microsoft is simply adapting some of the processes for the mobile market with Windows 10."

And although the changes seemed massive -- and overnight to many, what with Microsoft talking about the specifics only this year -- there will be time to make the necessary adjustments. Windows 10, after all, launched only two months ago, and enterprises have another 45 to get their ducks in a row, and their devices onto Windows 10 before 7 lumbers into retirement.

Likewise, measuring Microsoft's success in the transformation of Windows into a semi-service won't happen overnight. Kleynhans predicted that it would be at least two years before customers -- and Microsoft -- have a good handle on how, or even if, the new process works.

And if it doesn't?

"Microsoft can be pretty responsive to the customer base," said Kleynhans "If people say, "I just can't take this," Microsoft will work with the customer base."

And if that doesn't happen? Well, then the buck will stop here. As in at the enterprise IT department.

"People will adopt," Kleynhans said. "They have to."


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