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Why did you start using Linux?

Jim Lynch | Aug. 19, 2015
In today's open source roundup: What got you started with Linux? Plus: IBM's Linux only Mainframe. And why you should skip Windows 10 and go with Linux.

So after like a week I gave up on Java and went to pick up a book on Python instead. That book was Learn Python The Hard Way by Zed A. Shaw. After I finished that at the fast pace of two weeks, I picked up the book C++ Primer, because at the time I wanted to become a game developer. Went trough about half of the book (~500 pages) and burned out on learning. At that point I was spending a sickening amount of time behind my computer.

After taking a bit of a break, I decided to pick up JavaScript. Read like 2 books, made like 4 different platformers and called it a day.

Now we're arriving at the present. I had to go through the horrendous process of finding a school and deciding what job I wanted to strive for when I graduated. I ruled out anything in the gaming sector as I didn't want anything to do with graphics programming anymore, I also got completely sick of drawing and modelling. And I found this bachelor that had something to do with netsec and I instantly fell in love. I picked up a couple books on C to shred this vacation period and brushed up on some maths and I'm now waiting for the new school year to commence.

Right now, I am having loads of fun with Arch Linux, made couple of different arrangements on different PC's and it's going great!

In a sense Linux is what also got me into programming and ultimately into what I'm going to study in college starting this september. I probably have my future life to thank for it."

Linuxllc: "You also can learn from old farts like me.

The crutch, The crutch, The crutch. Getting rid of the crutch will inspired you and have good reason to stick with Linux.

I got rid of my crutch(Windows XP) back in 2003. Took me only 5 days to get all my computer task back and running at a 100% workflow. Including all my peripheral devices. Minus any Windows games. I just play native Linux games."

Highclass: "Hey I'm 28 not sure if this is the age group you are looking for.

To be honest, I was always interested in computers and the thought of a free operating system was intriguing even though at the time I didn't fully grasp the free software philosophy, to me it was free as in no cost. I also did not find the CLI too intimidating as from an early age I had exposure to DOS.

I believe my first distro was Mandrake, I was 11 or 12, I messed up the family computer on several occasions.... I ended up sticking with it always trying to push myself to the next level. Now I work in the industry with Linux everyday.


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