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Why did you start using Linux?

Jim Lynch | Aug. 19, 2015
In today's open source roundup: What got you started with Linux? Plus: IBM's Linux only Mainframe. And why you should skip Windows 10 and go with Linux.

Minecraft (one of the few early Linux games because it ran on Java), which could barely run at 5 FPS on Vista, ran at an entirely playable 25 FPS on a clean install of Ubuntu.

I actually still have that old laptop and use it occasionally, because why not? Linux doesn't care how old your hardware is.

I since converted my dad to Linux and we buy old computers at lawn sales and thrift stores for pennies and throw Linux Mint or some other lightweight distros on them."

Webtm: "My dad had every computer in the house with some distribution on it, I think a couple with OpenSUSE and Debian, and his personal computer had Slackware on it. So I remember being little and playing around with Debian and not really getting into it much. So I had a Windows laptop for a few years and my dad asked me if I wanted to try out Debian. It was a fun experience and ever since then I've been using Debian and trying out distributions. I currently moved away from Linux and have been using FreeBSD for around 5 months now, and I am absolutely happy with it.

The control over your system is fantastic. There are a lot of cool open source projects. I guess a lot of the fun was figuring out how to do the things I want by myself and tweaking those things in ways to make them do something else. Stability and performance is also a HUGE plus. Not to mention the level of privacy when switching."

Wyronaut: "I'm currently 18, but I first started using Linux when I was 13. Back then my first distro was Ubuntu. The reason why I wanted to check out Linux, was because I was hosting little Minecraft game servers for myself and a couple of friends, back then Minecraft was pretty new-ish. I read that the defacto operating system for hosting servers was Linux.

I was a big newbie when it came to command line work, so Linux scared me a little, because I had to take care of a lot of things myself. But thanks to google and a few wiki pages I managed to get up a couple of simple servers running on a few older PC's I had lying around. Great use for all that older hardware no one in the house ever uses.

After running a few game servers I started running a few web servers as well. Experimenting with HTML, CSS and PHP. I worked with those for a year or two. Afterwards, took a look at Java. I made the terrible mistake of watching TheNewBoston video's.


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