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Why did you start using Linux?

Jim Lynch | Aug. 19, 2015
In today's open source roundup: What got you started with Linux? Plus: IBM's Linux only Mainframe. And why you should skip Windows 10 and go with Linux.

I continued using it for another 6 months.

During that time a friend on IRC gave me a virtual machine (which ran Ubuntu) on their server, I kept it for a year a bit until my dad got me my own server.

After the 6 months I got a new PC (which I still use!) I wanted to try something different.

I decided to install openSUSE.

I liked it a lot, and on the same Christmas I obtained a Raspberry Pi, and stuck with Debian on it for a while due to the lack of support other distros had for it."

Cqz: "Was about 9 when the Windows 98 machine handed down to me stopped working for reasons unknown. We had no Windows install disk, but Dad had one of those magazines that comes with demo programs and stuff on CDs. This one happened to have install media for Mandrake Linux, and so suddenly I was a Linux user. Had no idea what I was doing but had a lot of fun doing it, and although in following years I often dual booted with various Windows versions, the FLOSS world always felt like home. Currently only have one Windows installation, which is a virtual machine for games."

Tosmarcel: "I was 15 and was really curious about this new concept called 'programming' and then I stumbled upon this Harvard course, CS50. They told users to install a Linux vm to use the command line. But then I asked myself: "Why doesn't windows have this command line?!". I googled 'linux' and Ubuntu was the top result -> Ended up installing Ubuntu and deleted the windows partition accidentally... It was really hard to adapt because I knew nothing about linux. Now I'm 16 and running arch linux, never looked back and I love it!"

Micioonthet: "First heard about Linux in the 5th grade when I went over to a friend's house and his laptop was running MEPIS (an old fork of Debian) instead of Windows XP.

Turns out his dad was a socialist (in America) and their family didn't trust Microsoft. This was completely foreign to me, and I was confused as to why he would bother using an operating system that didn't support the majority of software that I knew.

Fast forward to when I was 13 and without a laptop. Another friend of mine was complaining about how slow his laptop was, so I offered to buy it off of him so I could fix it up and use it for myself. I paid $20 and got a virus filled, unusable HP Pavilion with Windows Vista. Instead of trying to clean up the disgusting Windows install, I remembered that Linux was a thing and that it was free. I burned an Ubuntu 12.04 disc and installed it right away, and was absolutely astonished by the performance.


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