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Why did you start using Linux?

Jim Lynch | Aug. 19, 2015
In today's open source roundup: What got you started with Linux? Plus: IBM's Linux only Mainframe. And why you should skip Windows 10 and go with Linux.

Why did you start using Linux?

Linux has become quite popular over the years, with many users defecting to it from OS X or Windows. But have you ever wondered what got people started with Linux? A redditor asked that question and got some very interesting answers.

SilverKnight asked his question on the Linux subreddit:

I know this has been asked before, but I wanted to hear more from the younger generation why it is that they started using linux and what keeps them here.

I dont want to discourage others from giving their linux origin stories, because those are usually pretty good, but I was mostly curious about our younger population since there isn't much out there from them yet.

I myself am 27 and am a linux dabbler. I have installed quite a few different distros over the years but I haven't made the plunge to full time linux. I guess I am looking for some more reasons/inspiration to jump on the bandwagon.

Fellow redditors in the Linux subreddit responded with their thoughts:

DoublePlusGood: "I started using Backtrack Linux (now Kali) at 12 because I wanted to be a "1337 haxor". I've stayed with Linux (Archlinux currently) because it lets me have the endless freedom to make my computer do what I want."

Zack: "I'm a Linux user since, I think, the age of 12 or 13, I'm 15 now.

It started when I got tired with Windows XP at 11 and the waiting, dammit am I impatient sometimes, but waiting for a basic task such as shutting down just made me tired of Windows all together.

A few months previously I had started participating in discussions in a channel on the freenode IRC network which was about a game, and as freenode usually goes, it was open source and most of the users used Linux.

I kept on hearing about this Linux but wasn't that interested in it at the time. However, because the channel (and most of freenode) involved quite a bit of programming I started learning Python.

A year passed and I was attempting to install GNU/Linux (specifically Ubuntu) on my new (technically old, but I had just got it for my birthday) PC, unfortunately it continually froze, for reasons unknown (probably a bad hard drive, or a lot of dust or something else...).

Back then I was the type to give up on things, so I just continually nagged my dad to try and install Ubuntu, he couldn't do it for the same reasons.

After wanting Linux for a while I became determined to get Linux and ditch windows for good. So instead of Ubuntu I tried Linux Mint, being a derivative of Ubuntu(?) I didn't have high hopes, but it worked!


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