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What Apple could learn from Windows 10

Ryan Faas | Jan. 4, 2016
Microsoft's OS offers advances that rival Apple should consider implementing on its own.

There are, of course, tasks that require fine-grained control and apps or OS elements where a mouse or trackpad works better. Even so, I quickly became used to tapping to launch apps, close/minimize windows, move items around, respond to dialogs and alerts, reposition a cursor and scroll (much as I do on an iPad). When I sit down in front of my Mac now, I sometimes find myself automatically reaching towards the screen.

There's no real reason that Apple couldn't introduce this feature in future Macs. Apple could even take the concept further by allowing input using the Apple Pencil, which would deliver finer control that app developers could take advantage of, much as they have on the iPad Pro. One reason Apple may be avoiding this is that it would further blur the lines between the Mac and the iPad. That may be too much for Apple, which remains adamant about not merging its desktop and mobile platforms; this would be a clear step toward a converged device.

So, with these ideas in mind, should Apple outright copy Microsoft? No.

Microsoft has taken bold steps with Windows 10 (some of which go beyond what I've written about here). Some go in directions Apple hasn't yet embraced. Although I don't see Apple flat-out copying these or other aspects of Windows 10, they are points the company should consider because they would expand on capabilities Apple has already embraced successfully.


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