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Users seethe as Windows 10 arrives while their backs are turned

Gregg Keizer | March 16, 2016
People report that they weren't given a chance to decline, that their PCs were crippled, that they can't use their systems until they submit to Windows 10.

Microsoft has yet to provide those settings for Windows 7 and 8.1.

In the meantime, many users were steamed.

"This happened to two of my PC's a few days ago," said jamierocks369 on Reddit today. "I missed it on the first PC and had to roll back [to Windows 7] and then do a system restore as the rollback still didn't return the PC to the original Windows 7 state. Luckily managed to catch it on my second PC as I was about to restart for updates. Not cool, Microsoft."

"This bricked my father's computer. He was prompted to install a driver disk which he didn't have during installation, leading to a crash which totally crapped out his system," berniesright added to the Reddit thread on Sunday. "After many hours I was able to do a fresh install with my Windows 10 disk, only to discover that his computer now couldn't be activated, as the OEM number was no longer recognized. Real s***storm. [About] 12 hours wasted on this, plus all my father's data lost and still more OEM hassle to deal with. F*** Microsoft."


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