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Users seethe as Windows 10 arrives while their backs are turned

Gregg Keizer | March 16, 2016
People report that they weren't given a chance to decline, that their PCs were crippled, that they can't use their systems until they submit to Windows 10.

Some Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users have begun to howl over Microsoft's practice of automatically upgrading their PCs to Windows 10, saying that they were never given a chance to decline the upgrade before it installed itself.

That was contrary to how Microsoft has described its aggressive strategy of pushing Windows 10 to devices running older versions of its operating system.

It stuck to that today. "Customers continue to be fully in control of their devices, and can choose to not install the Windows 10 upgrade or remove the upgrade from Windows Update (WU) by changing the WU settings," Microsoft said in an emailed statement.

That's not what some users experienced last week.

"My computer was working great last night [but] this morning it says, 'Microsoft Legal Agreement' with bunch of legal information and WAY at the bottom 'Accept your new Windows 10' or 'Decline,'" wrote a someone identified as scifixtion in a Friday post to Microsoft's support forum. "I hit Decline and it says, 'It will take a few moments to go back to your old Windows software,' [but] then it goes black and go[es] right back to [the] Microsoft legal agreement [and shows] 'Accept windows 10' or 'Decline.' I've hit Decline a dozen times and it won't budge."

The legal agreement that scifixtion referenced was the Windows 10 end-user license agreement, or EULA.

Others took to Reddit to report that their PCs were upgraded to Windows 10 while their backs were turned.

"I leave my house for 2 days with my computer on, I come back and I have Windows 10. What. The. F***," said MalekuaMan yesterday on Reddit.

"So my Windows 7 machine was upgraded to Windows 10 without my permission about 2 days ago," echoed rtn1797. "I downgraded [to Windows 7] but now there is a prompt that is continuously open and asking me to select a time for my Windows to update to 10. WTF?"

Some said that the EULA -- where users were given a final opportunity to reject Windows 10, albeit a process that then took time to restore the previous operating system -- appeared out of nowhere. Others reported that their systems had upgraded themselves after they'd been away from the keyboard for days, or perhaps just hours.

"This is happening to my desktop which runs [Windows] 8.1. A few days ago I came back from the shower to find my computer in the process of doing the upgrade by itself," said Heck_Tate on Monday. "I had to wait for the entire thing to complete, decline the EULA, and then wait for it to reinstall previous OS. It's now in the process of doing the exact same thing again and I'm about ready to just say f*** Windows and go with Linux."


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