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Torrent trackers bring down the ban hammer on Windows 10 users

Ms. Smith | Aug. 24, 2015
A BitTorrent tracker banned Windows 10 users over privacy concerns; other private torrent trackers may follow suit. Some Russian lawmakers and lawyers want the Windows 10 operating system banned.

Amongst other things Windows 10 sends the contents of your local disks directly to one of their servers. Obviously this goes way too far and is a serious threat to sites like ours which is why we had to take measures. Since last Thursday Windows 10 is officially banned from iTS. Members using it get redirected to a video that eggsplains the dangers quite in detail hoping to enlighten as many people as possible.

Perhaps at some point special versions of windows 10 will surface that would successfully wipe all those outrageous privacy violations but until then windows 10 is not welcome here in the interest of this site and all iTS members.

Other small private torrent trackers will likely follow suit, according to Torrent Freak. BB (BaconBits ?) staffers told its users, “We have also found [Windows 10] will be gathering information on users’ P2P use to be shared with anti-piracy group. What’s particularly nasty is that apparently it sends the results of local (!!) searches to a well-known anti-piracy company directly so as soon as you have one known P2P or scene release on your local disk … BAM!”

Staff from the torrent tracker FSC (Fun Sharing Community) warned, “As we all know, Microsoft recently released Windows 10. You as a member should know, that we as a site are thinking about banning the OS from FSC. That would mean you cannot use the site with the OS installed.”

Russian lawmakers, lawyers want to ban Windows 10 OS

In a slightly different twist, instead of banning individual Windows 10 users, some Russian lawmakers and lawyers want to ban the Windows 10 OS.

Moscow attorneys with the Bubnov and Partners legal firm filed “a complaint with the Prosecutor General's Office over the privacy and data collection settings of the Windows 10 computer operating system.” The Russian lawyers allege that Windows 10 breaches Russia’s privacy laws as the OS “illicitly collects users' browser history, passwords, location, elements of electronic messages, calendar records and even voice recording.”

A week earlier, as reported by The Moscow Times, Russia’s State Duma Deputy Vadim Solovyov claimed Windows 10 was spying on users and called for an investigation. The Russian Association for Electronic Communications said Windows 10 has “flexible settings and therefore does not breach Russian law.”


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