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Settings in iOS 10: Every notable change you need to know

Leah Yamshon | Sept. 20, 2016
Once you upgrade to iOS 10, take some time to peruse the Settings app to tweak your device to your liking.

About: One tiny change: Your Trust Store number is now hidden under Certificate Trust Settings at the very bottom.

Spotlight Search: Spotlight Search—which lets you pull down on the screen to initiate a search for apps, media, and other stuff on your iPhone—has been a godsend since it debuted in iOS 9, and in iOS 10, you can customize it’s search capabilities a bit more. Spotlight Search makes recommendations based on the search terms you enter—for example, searching for “cute puppies” shows me App Store results, relevant TV episodes, websites, web videos, and more, alongside personal Messages, email, and photos tagged with that phrase. If you don’t want these handy suggestions, and just want to search through what actually lives on your phone, toggle off the “Suggestions in Search” feature.

Another new iOS 10 feature is Look Up, which replaces Define from previous versions of iOS. Activate Look Up by tapping on a word and selecting Look Up. (You’ll find it next to your Copy and Paste options.) Look Up gives you more than just a basic definition—it tries to prevent more relevant info, like App Store suggestions, videos, websites, movie show times, points of interest nearby, and more. To ditch these suggestions, toggle off the “Suggestions in Look Up” feature.

ios10 look up

In this section, you’ll also find a list of everything that can come up in the search results, since Spotlight can search inside of apps as well as content like your email, contacts, and calendars. You can toggle off any of the apps or features that you’d like to omit from your search results.

Handoff: Nothing really has changed with Handoff, but this section used to include the settings for the Suggested Apps feature. Suggested apps are shown on the bottom-left corner of your lock screen and in the app switcher, based on your location or usage patterns. For example, when you are near a Target or a Starbucks, those apps’ icons will appear on your lock screen, assuming you have the apps installed and have given them permission to access your location. This feature setting is now tied in with Spotlight Search.

CarPlay: If you’re lucky enough to have CarPlay in your car, you can now customize your car’s navigation layout by dragging and dropping apps into a mirrored version of your display on your iPhone. You can find this by going to CarPlay > Car Navigation. This screen has a list of all of your CarPlay compatible apps, so have at it.

You’ll also see the toggle to Allow CarPlay While Locked, which simply allows CarPlay to have access to your iPhone while your phone is locked. Probably worthwhile to keep toggled on.


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