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Seinfeld and Microsoft: more proof that IT is crazy

Mark Gibbs | Aug. 25, 2008
Apparently Seinfeld will appear in some of the ads with that great stand-up comedian Bill Gates.

Now before I go any further I just have to make it clear that I don't hate Microsoft. In fact, I use and love (and hate) many of their products every day. My problem with Microsoft stems from what I see as the company's repeated failure over the last 30 years to behave honorably, fairly and, most importantly, with the care for building excellent software that one would hope for from the most important player ever in the PC market.

But as I've commented before, Microsoft isnt solely to blame for what it has become. Nope, the truth is that we created the monster. We wanted the Kool-Aid Microsoft was selling as cheap as possible and we failed to be as critical and demanding as we should have been when we found problems. We purchased good enough because it was cheap enough. Shame on us. Then again, I guess that just goes to show that we really are crazy.


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