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Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan release date and new features

Karen Haslam | Aug. 20, 2015
If you are already convinced you want to run El Capitan and are wondering just how quickly you can get you hands on it you will be glad to hear that you won’t be waiting for long - in fact if you aren't risk averse you can get it now.

Following the numerous bugs that plagued the launch of OS X Yosemite this should go down well with developers and consumers alike, but this focus on quality assurance is likely to mean Apple will hold back some new features for the next iteration of OS X - indeed, there are rumours that suggest that Apple is doing exactly that in order to focus on ironing out the issues.

Yosemite has been plagued by WiFi and networking issues and this appears to be one area that Apple is looking to fix, more on that below.

What WiFi & Networking improvements will OS X 10.11 offer?

After the WiFi issues that dogged Yosemite when it launched, we are hoping that the new OS X will be better equipped.

Apple has just released an beta of the next update to Yosemite (version OS X 10.10.4) and reports are suggesting that this update has dropped discoveryd, following network issues. Instead of discoveryd, when the update lands, OS X Yosemite will switch from discoveryd to the process used by older versions of OS X. About eight months after Apple introduce Yosemite this change will hopefully address some of Yosemite's networking issues. There are questions of why Apple used discoveryd in the first place, the most likely suggestion is that it was or is tied to AirDrop and Handoff, features that also didn't work very well when Yosemite launched.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the next version of OS X will ship without discoveryd, it may simply be that Apple has removed it from the current version and will re implement it in OS X 10.11, once it has fixed all the issues.

We hope that Mac users will not experience the same issues with WiFi that plagued the release of Yosemite. Users found that they couldn't connect to wireless networks after the update, and while Apple released a fix this couldn't be downloaded on Macs that were dependent on WiFi, like the MacBook Air. We had to resort to downloading a system update via a cellular connection. We sincerely hope Apple doesn't launch the next version of the operating system with such an unacceptable error.

What new security features will OS X 10.11 offer?

Staying with the WiFi theme for a moment longer, there's said to be a new feature called Trusted WiFi coming in OS X 10.11.

Apparently Apple is working on a Trusted WiFi feature that will allow Macs and iOS devices to connect to trusted routers without requiring security measures. On the other hand, if you connect to a non-trusted routers data will be heavily encrypted. Apple is said to be testing its own apps and third-party apps to make sure that they still work when this feature is enabled.


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