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iOS 7 developers discuss Android/Windows similarities and redesign challenges

Karen Haslam | June 17, 2013
After the WWDC keynote on Monday night we fired off some emails to developers to gauge their reaction to the announcements.

Those who have created apps using tools provided by other companies may be concerned that their apps will not work well after the iOS 7 update. Quark's Gavin Drake confirmed that anyone using App Studio to create apps need not be concerned.... "App Studio will support iOS 7 at launch. Once iOS 7 is supported, every app that is under a current plan will simply need to be recompiled at no additional cost and submitted it to Apple as an app update in order to have guaranteed iOS 7 compatibility", Drake said.

What's iOS 7 like to use?

Our developers have their hands on iOS 7, but they are limited as to what they can say about the new software without breaking Apple's NDA. They were able to share a few comments about the features that impress them the most, however.

"Finally, automatic updates. As a developer, this is a wonderful thing! As a user... I'm just glad it can be switched off," said Bambu developer Andrew Till.

MacAce's Gary Hall told us: "From a user perspective, the control centre is the biggest useful feature for me as I can turn Bluetooth on and off easier."

Hall added: "Multitasking will certainly help with the coding behind our syncing engine and preview/streaming capability - as these has been tricky to keep within Apple's guidelines."

Till is intrigued by Apple's new wallpapers. He told us: "One of our apps, Bambu, is full of art that can be used as wallpaper or greetings. The way wallpapers work on iOS 7 was obviously a big concern for us but it's impressively done -- the text colour changes based on what will work best with the wallpaper, but it does mean high contrast wallpaper won't work well. One other issue is that wallpaper is zoomed-in slightly to allow for the parallax effect, so the quality of wallpapers designed to fit the screen is not quite as sharp as before. However, with the design so simple and colourful, the type of wallpaper really makes an enormous difference to how iOS 7 feels, and that creates an exciting opportunity for us with Bambu."

Siri is still seen as a work in progress, although it's beta status must be an embarrassment for Apple now.

"Siri is still fairly closed in what it can do from third party apps, but we look forward to further enhancements here in the coming years - and the way we all want it to work probably is years away rather than months. Whilst eye-free car use is a novel idea - for the most part we all just end up shouting and swearing at Siri for not understanding us properly - perhaps an American accent would help?" said Hall.


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