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Intel CEO Otellini : Windows 8 is being released before it's ready...but that's OK

Preston Gralla | Sept. 26, 2012
Intel CEO Paul Otellini told his employees in Taiwan that Windows 8 isn't truly fully ready to be shipped

Windows executives were furious at the decision, because it would make Vista look bad. Microsoft executive Mike Ybarra said:

This kind of [s**t] drives me crazy, Chris. We have pushed UI in Vista so hard in the last 18 months and we get our OEMs to go with higher end chipsets and graphics parts on existing PCs to really drive the experience for consumers and at the last minute we cave to Intel and give 915 and other chipsets a backdoor into the programs.

Jim Allchin, who was in charge of Windows at the time, was even angrier and wrote in an email:

"I believe we are going to be misleading customers with the Capable program. OEMs will say a machine is Capable and customers will believe that it will run all the core Vista features. The fact that aero won't be there EVER for many of these machines is misleading to customers."

The end result of giving Intel what it wanted was horrendous publicity for Vista and a class-action suit against Microsoft.

And now Otellini is bad-mouthing Windows 8 before it's even released. You can be sure that more than a few expletives are being thrown his way at Microsoft today.


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