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Google Chromebook: the good, the bad and the beta

Howard Wen | Feb. 2, 2011
When Google first started giving away the Cr-48 in early December, lots of reviewers posted their first impressions after driving the Chromebook around the block a couple of times. We’ve taken the Chromebook out on a two-month test drive to see how it performs in real-world conditions.

Like: It's free -- as in beer

Despite the flaws of the computer, it's hard to gripe much when Google is giving them away for free. The company will give away a total of 60,000 units.

As to whom specifically they are gifted to, and what criteria one must meet to qualify, that remains a mystery. You can still sign up to be considered, and the Cr-48 Shipping Tracker site -- set up by others not affiliated with Google -- supposedly tracks the shipping status of the computers as they are sent out.


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