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FREAKish apps still have security holes

Glenn Fleishman | March 20, 2015
Apple patched iOS and OS X, but apps can still be vulnerable due to Apple's limited update policy.

While Apple went back to 10.8 for OS X (released in 2012), 18 percent of active users were using 10.7 (2011) and 10.6 (2009). Despite the difficulty of updates, surely a 10.7 patch at least would have been worthwhile?

FREAK is a peculiar case, in that it can fixed on either or both ends: updated web servers solve the problem, and that's happened in large numbers and very rapidly. An updated web browser or OS security component isn't required if all the servers are fixed, as I noted last week.

But it remains a bad trend. Updating features on old OS versions makes little sense, and it's a mire in which Microsoft used to get itself stuck--and sometimes Apple as well. Security isn't a feature, though--it's a necessity. While its OS X support takes us back to computers released years ago, the iOS cutoff is far too short.


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