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Why would you want Windows for IoT anyway?

Mary Branscombe | Oct. 23, 2014
The IoT market is overcrowded, but a headless version of Windows has definite advantages if you're building your own hardware - and it could save you money.

But Goodhew suggests what it really compares with is the $5,000 hardware developers would previously spend on each custom-made prototype board. "Now I can wait and spend that $5,000 on my second generation prototype and I've saved 40 percent on my prototyping costs."

This is for the kind of customer that wants to put together a specific device. "Say I think there is a market for a better interface to do something in a hotel room. I go out and grab a bunch of sensors I think might be relevant and I build a prototype. I want to know does the idea work, do people like it? And I can do it with off the shelf components for a minimal price, when you used to have to go to Taiwan and manufacture a million things before you got economies of scale."

Windows for IoT might be a good tool for hobbyist hardware hackers making their own devices, but the big opportunity is for the professionals who now want to build hardware the way they already build software.


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