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When refurbished is better than new

F.Y. Teng | June 26, 2012
Network Hardware Resale's value proposition and its continued growth across Asia.

Our NHR support services offer state-of-the art network management, asset management, alternative maintenance and technical support services offered by our diagnostic consultants. The biggest advantage of this service is unbiased consultation and the opportunity to offer hybrid solutions and best of networking options across multiple vendors.

Our excellent service standards also mean we can offer 24X7 service support and less than 0.5 percent failure rate along with one year warrantee on equipment sold. Equipment sold by NHR goes through an exhaustive testing process which results in a lower failure rate generally accepted for new equipment. In addition, we follow stringent product and service standards and have been verified by TL 9000 very strict quality control processes.

Excellent customer service, a vendor agnostic platform, strict quality control measures and steep cost savings is a value proposition that no other vendor can offer and that makes us the best go-to provider for alternate networking equipment.

In which geographies round these parts will you be driving NHR's expansion?
Asia Pacific is a strategic region for us an we believe our business will continue to exponentially expand. Since 2007 we have grown 300 percent and grew 25 percent on our 2011 results-our most successful year to date. Currently we have a presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Korea and India. Our regional headquarters are located in Singapore.

In order to further drive our expansion, we are currently in the process of establishing our presence in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Taiwan. This would allow us to access fourteen fast developing and developed markets in Asia. As we continue to expand in the region, we will continue to expand our product offerings.

Also, which parts of your business are growing the fastest in Asia? Do they differ by country?
Until last year, NHR was focusing largely on hardware-related activities and less on the services side of the business. We are looking to reverse this, striving to provide better services to customers. Currently our established markets are continuing provide consistent growth year on year and we are optimistic to be able to maintain and grow this further.

Which geographies in Asia do you consider to be the most important to your business' future?
In terms of market size and sales revenue, our key markets would include Singapore, Japan and Australia. These regions are driving growth through sustained relationships with clients we have developed during our time in Asia.

As our network expands we will offer increased services such as NetSure, which provides companies with 24 by 7 by 365 network monitoring, proactive provisioning and rapid incidence response services. Depending on your proximity to the hub, we can provide service in as little as 4 hours. This helps ensure we keep your network up and running so you don't have to experience down time.


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