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What type of mobile worker rules your company?

Shane O'Neill | Feb. 18, 2011
From wannabes to mavericks, today's four types of enterprise mobile workers demand unique IT strategies, Forrester says. Here's their advice on how IT can serve a diverse, roaming workforce.

But mobile wannabes have come to expect that their employers will support their smartphone and applications needs, whether they are formally classified as "mobile workers" or not. If this segment grows as predicted, IT will inevitably have to give them more attention.

Mobile Mavericks

Profile: This is the smallest but fastest growing segment of mobile workers, according to Forrester. A mobile maverick is someone who selects and purchases his or her own mobile device for work-related activities. Most mavericks are male and often work outside the office traveling for business. They are usually in management roles such as a C-level executive, general manager or supervisor.

As of 2010, according to the Forrester report, only 6 percent of workers were mobile mavericks; however, this number will more than double by 2015 as more enterprises encourage employees to buy their own smartphones to control costs.

Mobile maverick worker

Mobile Devices and Apps Used: Mobile mavericks use a smartphone one to two hours per day for work-related activities — usually a BlackBerry — and believe phones are critical for being productive.

Mavericks use work-related mobile apps beyond just e-mail and intranets. They primarily want advanced apps for collaboration and conferencing, to help them interact with colleagues.

And true to their name, mavericks will buy a work-related app from a mobile app store out of their own pocket. They do not feel the need to have apps installed on their smartphones by the IT department.

IT's Role: Corporate IT considers mobile mavericks to be official mobile workers even though these employees select and purchase smartphones on their own. IT does not guide device selection for these workers, but does support their mobile needs, given that mavericks usually carry stature within the company and need mobile devices to be productive while away from the office.


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