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Software-Defined Networking will be a critical enabler of the Internet of Things

Jeff Reed | June 9, 2015
SDN will support IoT by centralizing control, abstracting network devices, and providing flexible, dynamic, automated reconfiguration of the network

IT teams should also evaluate their network, compute and data needs across the entire IT spectrum, as the IoT will require an end-to-end SDN solution encompassing all manner of devices, not just those from one domain within IT, but across the data center, Wide Area Network (WAN) and access.

Lastly, IT will want to get familiar with app development in edge computing environments, which is a mix of local and centralized processing. As network abstraction to app layer changes and becomes highly programmable, network teams need to invest in resources and training that understand these programming models (e.g. REST) so that they can more easily partner with the app development teams.

IoT will be so big, so varied and so remote that conventional management tools just won't cut it. Now is the time to start learning how SDN can help you manage this new world and assure the speedy, secure delivery and analysis of the data it will generate.


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