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SDN user group focuses on use cases

John Dix | Nov. 11, 2013
Nick Lippis talks about what he has learnt about SDN from the recent Open Networking User Group in New York City.

So the white box option didn't make the top three, the idea of using software to press generic X86 machines into different infrastructure roles?
We focused on the top three but there's a bunch of other ones that were just as interesting. But we had gotten feedback from the vendor community saying, "We're not allowed in the room, so what good is it if you guys just talk to yourselves and don't provide us any input about what we should do?" So we did the use cases to provide some guidance for the vendor community to prioritize their R&D investment.

The white box piece didn't make it to the top three, but it doesn't mean it's not important. It just means it's a little further out and the industry is still in learning mode. Some people think a white box is just a cheap box from Taiwan. Others think of it as a top-of-rack switch that has an OpenFlow interface. Others think it's a switch you can basically buy from anybody and then load an operating system and application on top of that. The latter is where the industry is finding the most interest. 

What's up next for ONUG? When is the next meeting and what do you hope to achieve between now and then?
We will be announcing spring and fall 2014 plans shortly.


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