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Logicalis connects Indonesia University

Anuradha Shukla | Oct. 28, 2014
Builds campus-wide virtual infrastructure for President University

Logicalis Metrodata Indonesia (LMI) has built campus-wide virtual infrastructure for President University, an international-standard university in Indonesia.

The University wanted to expand the IT infrastructure to support the student population growth and reduce administrative overheads in the management of campus labs.

It also wanted to centralise the configuration and management of operating systems, have better energy management, and reduce initial costs per desktop.

The University decided to implement a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for the entire campus earlier in 2014 and chose Logicalis Metrodata Indonesia for the project.

"We needed to find a vendor that could do more than sell a box. Logicalis Metrodata Indonesia had the right solution, professional services as well as the expert resources," said Willy Kurniawan, IT manager, IT Division of President University. "The LMI team was also able to provide the critical information required and was helpful in the VDI implemention."

VDI implementation

The first phase of the VDI implementation was completed within a month and covered the campus lab networks.

An upgrade to the previous network enabled the computer systems to be more user-friendly, and provided administrators with an integrated management of the network.

This IT solution also enabled time and power savings as well as reduced cost maintenance without compromising network security.

The first phase was completed in September 2014 and the next phase expanding the virtual infrastructure to the rest of the university's staff and lecturers is expected to complete by 2015.

Following the implementation, it has become easy to rapidly deploy new desktops, centrally make updates and changes, and manage and monitor the changes that take place on the desktops.

"Whenever there is a problem with an update, it is also easy to roll back to a previous stable version of the desktop image," said Kurniawan. "The benefits from the VDI are reduced cost, time and power savings and easier maintenance. By leveraging the latest technologies from LMI, we have been able to improve our skills and raise the productivity of our academic staff."



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