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iWARP update advances RDMA over Ethernet for data center and cloud networks

Wael Noureddine, David Fair | Dec. 11, 2014
The challenge for data center operators selecting a high performance transport technology for their network is striking the ideal balance between acquisition, deployment and management costs, and support for high performance capabilities such as the remote direct memory access (RDMA) protocol.

Another emerging and potentially disruptive storage networking technology is NVMe over Fabrics, which marries high performance SSD drives with an advanced interconnect such as RDMA. The first demonstration of a working NVMe over Fabrics setup used iWARP over 40Gb Ethernet adapters, exceeding the performance expectations, with the same IOPS and less than 8 micro seconds of increased latency compared to locally attached drives.

The need for high performance and high efficiency communications in the data center is growing. With the additional functionality provided by IETF RFC 7306 and plug-and-play support in server operating systems, iWARP now offers all the benefits of RDMA over standard Ethernet with lower cost, simplified deployment and greater ease of use. iWARP products are available in the market today and more are coming, so this is a technology data centers can take advantage of right now.


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