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FY Teng | Dec. 3, 2014
Pacnet's President of Managed Services Jim Fagan on PEN services and the networks they build.

The countries that are seeing the greatest adoption of PEN are those with mature, high speed broadband services. Since its beta launch in November last year, PEN has garnered significant interest from customers spanning the IT, logistics, manufacturing and financial services sectors in Australia, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong, as well as the U.S.

Please elaborate on Pacnet's plans in the Cloud space and how they fit within the company's overall business plans in the next 12-24 months.
Leveraging its regional assets, including the region's most extensive privately-owned subsea network systems and interconnected data centers, Pacnet introduced the industry-first SDN platform PEN last year.

In mid-September this year, we introduced PEN 2.0 in direct response to customer feedback and needs. By integrating with NFV, PEN 2.0 widens the scope of SDN, allowing a broader set of services in traditional network topologies to be deployed and scaled on demand. It further enables hybrid Cloud deployment for our customers, facilitating connectivity from enterprise-class data centres and private Clouds to any external Cloud vendors and allowing customers to burst workloads from one end to another through our on-demand bandwidth.

Our next focus is the integration of SDN and NFV into third-party service. For Cloud providers, we are looking at ways to automate the integration between customers' enterprise network and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect, for example. So again, through simple interface, customers can get connections to AWS Direct Connect service without doing a lot of complicated router configurations and in the redundant, scalable fashion that we are looking for with our PEN platform.

Which geographies are particularly important to your business?
As a leading provider of integrated technology solutions in the Asia-Pacific region, our key markets include Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Japan, China and the US.

What new offerings coming from Pacnet should the market expect to see?
We will continue to strengthen our core assets in the region including the network and data centres. In terms of data centre, we launched a Tier III data centre in Tianjin, China, in October. The facility is connected to the Beijing data centre via PEN, which enables customers locating in both facilities to flexibly allocate and scale bandwidth between the data centres based on their specific business requirements.

We are also committed to driving innovations and introducing new functionalities and capabilities to the PEN platform. In addition, we endeavour to create a true Cloud ecosystem that provides our customers direct network access to cloud platform of their choice.


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