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A10 Thunder TPS to mitigate massive, sophisticated DDoS network attacks

Ike Suarez | Jan. 29, 2014
As Direct Denial of Service attacks scale up in volume and sophistication

As DDoS (Direct Denial of Service) attacks have scaled up in volume and sophistication, solutions to mitigate their threats to networks must match them in scale and sophistication to mitigate massive service interruptions on operations of enterprise and service provider networks.

Network applications provider A10 Networks expressed this philosophy as it announced the release of its DDoS threat protection appliances, the A10 Thunder TPS.

The three models-Thunder 4435 TPS, Thunder 5435 TPS and Thunder 6435 TPS-will be all be available this February.

High Performance

As such, they have been developed to provide high performance, network-wide protection against a variety of volumetric, protocol, resource and more sophisticated Distributed Denial of Service attacks, according to the San Jose, California-based networking applications vendor.

A press statement by A10 Networks said the Thunder TPS product line is built upon A10's  Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS), able to deliver up to 155 gigabytes per second throughput.

This helps enterprise and service provider customers address the increasing scale of DDoS attacks, added the statement.

It said the mitigation capabilities of the A10 Thunder TPS models range from 38Gbps to 155 Gbps.

The models with their mitigation capabilities are the following:

  • Thunder 4435 TPS, 38Gbps
  • Thunder 5435, 77 Gbps
  • Thunder 6435 Gbps

The Thunder 4435 became available January while the two other models will be available February.


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