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4 tips for a successful virtual network deployment

Brandon Butler | June 8, 2017
Create a team, and don't bite off more than you can chew .

If there’s one constant in the technology industry, it is change. Any changes made in your organization now are just the beginning, so don’t think of new transformation projects as a static, one-time upgrade.

When adopting new technology, specifically in networking, think about how the business will benefit from the changes and how business needs will evolve in the future. Kindness recommends that users think about how the technology will be used five years from now and ensure whatever systems and processes are put into place now will be compatible or can be adapted to work with business needs of the future.


Monitor, and mine network traffic

Monitoring the health of the network to sniff out problems, and mining network traffic for potentially valuable business insights are often overlooked.

“Network infrastructures have a wealth of customer information that various business units, such as marketing, can use,” Kindness notes. “Educate the business on what the network can deliver before the business goes off and buys customer insight tools.”

As new software-based systems are used, it can be much easier to get analytics from them compared to hardware-based solutions. This can be especially helpful in terms of security and identifying and troubleshooting problems. Having a view into your network and the technologies being used is the first step toward making sure they’re being used appropriately and no nefarious activity is occurring. Mehra says visualization tools can help analyze data. “If you don’t have the right tools, then the data can be no good,” he says.


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