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Zuckerberg talks connectivity, another billion users and working with Google

Sharon Gaudin | Feb. 23, 2015
Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he's OK with losing money on, that the company could pick up another 1 billion users by 2020 and he would consider working with Google to extend Internet connectivity around the world.

"We probably won't offset it by making much," he said. "But there's this mission belief that connecting the world is really important, and that is something that we want to do."

Facebook isn't alone in its efforts. Online rival Google last year bought solar-powered drone maker Titan Aerospace in an effort to find an innovative ways to bring online access to those unconnected. Google also is testing high-altitude balloons to deliver Internet access.

In his interview with Bloomberg, Zuckerberg said he's open to working with Google in their efforts.

"Yeah, our team is in contact with them frequently, and I talk to a number of folks over there," he said. "When we launched in Zambia, Google was actually one of the services that was in the suite, and that's valuable. In addition to health services and education, jobs and different government services and communication tools, people need to be able to search and find information.

"And whether we work with Google or others on that in all of these other countries, I think that is an important thing," he added. "I'd love to work with Google. They are a great search product."

He also noted that Facebook is working on using drones, satellites and communications lasers for connectivity.


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