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Years-old Myspace photos land in your inbox because the Internet never forgets

Susie Ochs | June 5, 2014
Someday we'll look back on the quaint days when people put photos of themselves on the Internet with the same misty-eyed nostalgia that we currently have for the before-time when folks slept with their front doors unlocked. "It was a safer, more innocent time," we'll say. "But it was ruined forever by the NSA and Justin Timberlake."

California even passed a law compelling sites to let minors scrub their profiles of anything embarrassing that goes into effect January 1, 2015. But it's frustrating to think this problem needs legislation to solve, when it really boils down to this: People need to be more careful about what we share in the first place, and companies need to be clearer about what they are going to do with our data and how long they will keep it.

After Myspace's shenanigans, I would never go back except to delete my account. Stick to bringing sexy back, Justin, not my embarrassing photos from college.


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