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Wolfram Alpha nerd-crunches your Facebook activity, turns your social life into data

Evan Dashevsky | April 29, 2013
Every time you like a picture of the meal your friend posted to Instagram or tweet about loving that horribly irresistible "Thrift Shop" song despite yourself, you have created a data point. Congratulations! Crunching all that publically available data is of obvious interest to the security and marketing folks (and therefore also privacy advocates), but it is also becoming an increasingly important tool for social research.

The data also separates posts as separated by interests. The most popular word in posts catgorized as being about technology is "phone," and the most-used word in posts about food and drink was "beer" (which, for the record, just barely edged out "food").

The choice of post topics as broken down by male and female freinds falls well within gender stereotypes with men being far more likely to post about sports and technology, and women more likely to post about personal moods or family and friends.

We are all in the Matrix, get used to it

Over the past decade, the public has come to understand how a general mood and opinion can be culled from social media activity as exemplified by the top Twitter trends and YouTube viewing data. As we enter further into the mobile age and begin to carry the Internet around on our face, large meta-analysis of human activity will be easier than ever. The Zeitgeist will be chronicled in real-time and will only be a few clicks away.


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