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Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales: 'Right to be forgotten' is censorship

Brian S Hall | June 6, 2014
"What we may not do, if we are respecting freedom of expression, is use the force of law to suppress a link to content that is legally published and true," said Wales.

Remember, we are not talking about libel here, and we are not talking about illegally posted copyrighted material and we are not talking about child pornography--these are not legal to publish in the first place. This decision does not touch on those issues at all.

TH: Is there a possibility, thanks to this ruling, that wealthier people could unduly influence search results and poor people not?
JW: Of course they can. They can now hire a lawyer to threaten Google with legal action in Europe. Before this, everyone has a similar playing field. Anyone can start a personal blog to rebut or respond to false claims. Things are now much better for the rich (and for con artists) and much worse for everyone eelse.

TH: Should adults ever have the right to have search engine remove links to stories that mention them?
JW: Absolutely not, under no circumstances ever is it OK to use the force of law to suppress truthful speech. The very idea is disgusting and philosophically bankrupt.


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