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Why Microsoft Edge browser's lack of add-ons is a deal breaker

Bill Snyder | Aug. 28, 2015
Microsoft's new Windows 10 OS may eventually prove to be a hit, but the lack of support for browser extensions in Edge is an Achilles heel that needs to be addressed sooner than later. Unfortunately, Microsoft won't say when Edge will get add-ons.

The foundation developed the previously mentioned Privacy Badger browser extension. In theory, Eckersley and colleagues should be able to plug it into Edge without much fuss. "Unfortunately, we've rarely found matters to be so simple — the APIs tend to change a lot between versions of each browser, as well as being very different between them, and it's a constant struggle to implement privacy or security functionality with them," Eckersley said via email.

In other words, EFF expects to have to spend some time working with Edge, and it's likely that other popular extensions could also be delayed.

The situation isn't shocking, but it is unfortunate — and annoying. Every time Microsoft rolls out a new version of Windows, untold numbers of loose ends and glitches are introduced. I suspect Edge will turn out to be a more than worthy successor to Internet Explorer, and it may even give Chrome and Firefox a run for their money. Until this huge extension gap is plugged, however, it's difficult to use Edge as an everyday browser.


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