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Who's actually writing your favorite celebrity's tweets?

Evan Dashevsky | Sept. 17, 2013
Inside the world of social media ghostwriters.

Anna found herself in one of those ironclad agreements. "I signed a pretty ridiculous nondisclosure agreement, especially considering that I ultimately had no personal contact with the celebrity," she says. "There were clauses forbidding revealing the celebrity's identity through miming."

"If I revealed whom I worked with, I could potentially be sued for all the money I have and probably ever will have," Anna says.

While we mere mortals may receive social media feedback from a small circle of close friends and family, the tossed-off thought sneezes of a celebrity with millions of fans are subjected to the Talmudic dissection of the global peanut gallery.

The public has long accepted that celebrities with little or no training in crafting the written word will bring in outside help for their memoirs, speeches, and award ceremony zingers. So it was only a matter of time before those with the means and the need would begin to outsource their social media communications.

But before taking the latest tweet from a celeb you follow at face value, read it carefully: It might be the work of a stealthy stand-in typing away at a pay computer in a coffee shop.


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