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When I grow up...

F.Y. Teng | Nov. 16, 2012
As with their counterparts round the world, more than 10 percent of professionals in Singapore admit to growing up dreaming of becoming engineers and teachers.

Through its survey of 393 in Singapore for its broader Dream Jobs study, which incorporated the input of more than 8,000 executives in total across the world, the providers of the professional network LinkedIn came to the following figures.

The top five childhood dream jobs of male professionals in Singapore: Engineer (11.4 percent chose this option); Scientist (9.2 percent); Airplane/Helicopter Pilot (8.5 percent); Doctor/Nurse/Paramedic (6.3 percent); and, Police Officer (5.5 percent). This list is very much like that of the top five for male professionals globally: Engineer (10.9 percent); Airplane/Helicopter Pilot (10 percent); Scientist (7.7 percent); Doctor/Nurse/Paramedic (5.3 percent); and, Astronaut (4 percent).

The top five childhood dream jobs of female professionals in Singapore? Teacher (14.8 percent); Doctor/Nurse/Paramedic (13 percent); Lawyer (8.7 percent); Journalist/Novelist (4.3 percent); and, Fashion Designer/Stylist (4.3 percent). As for the composite global view of female professionals: Teacher (10.7 percent); Doctor/Nurse/Paramedic (9.5 percent); Journalist/Novelist (6.8 percent); Veterinarian (5.4 percent); and, Lawyer (5.2 percent).

Notably, said LinkedIn representatives on Friday (November 16, 2012) when they released key findings from the Dream Jobs study, "dream jobs like astronaut, artist, superhero, race car driver, prince/princess, zoologist and ninja"-which got 2.5 percent, 1.8 percent, 1.3 percent, 1 percent, 0.5 percent, 0.3 percent and 0.3 percent, respectively, out of the 393 pool of respondents from the tropical island state-found far less favor [among Singapore professionals]."

For more details, set your browser to the LinkedIn Blog.


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