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Twitter veers into Facebook territory with curated timelines for everyone

Caitlin McGarry | Oct. 20, 2014
Facebook's News Feed is filled with posts from people you're not friends with. You might see a photo of a stranger that your mom commented on, or a random political argument between your high school best friend and some random. The battle for a chronological News Feed has been lost, but at least Twitter was safe. That's no longer the case.

Twitter couched the changes as an experiment, one that could easily go in a different direction if people begin fleeing. But they won't.

More music integration

In an interesting twist, Twitter chose to announce the timeline tweaks in the thick of Apple's media event coverage on Thursday, and just hours after the network revealed a new way to listen to music in its iOS and Android apps.

Now select Twitter accounts can embed streaming tunes or podcasts via SoundCloud and iTunes in tweets, and you can listen without leaving the social media app. Twitter has tried and failed to tap into its musical potential before (remember the Twitter Music app?), but this new in-app experience could be a hit. Now why would the network bury two radical changes to its product on a day the tech press is distracted by Apple? Twitter's hoping its algorithmic timeline and music efforts will sink or swim by their own merits, not colored by the mistakes of the past. Can't blame them.


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