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Twitter might soon tell you if anyone actually saw your tweets

Nick Mediati | March 24, 2014
Does anybody actually read what you tweet? Twitter is testing a new addition that will either give you validation or make you wonder if you're wasting your life.

twitter shout into the void

Is anybody actually looking at your tweets? Or are you merely shouting into the darkness? Up until now, only a select few--namely, advertisers--could know for sure. But that may soon change.

According to The Verge, Twitter appears to be testing a feature that would allow anyone to see how many people viewed a particular tweet. The Verge received a tipoff from Twitter user Lydia J., who sent in a screenshot from Twitter's iOS app that showed how many times people viewed individual tweets.

The idea, presumably, is to feed off of that little adrenaline rush that you get when someone new retweets, favorites, or follows you. ("Tweet more! More!") Of course, if nobody looks at your tweet, well, you might not want to even bother. It's a bit of a double-edged sword.

Now, not everyone gets these little bits of statistical feedback--at least not yet. I sure don't get view counts for my tweets. This sort of limited-rollout experimentation isn't new to Twitter, though: For example, a small group of users got the most recent redesign of the Twitter website early, TheNextWeb noted in January, as a test run before the company released it to the masses.


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