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The Web's ten most dangerous neighborhoods

Maria Korolov | Sept. 1, 2015
Ten top-level domains are to blame for at least 95 percent of the websites that pose a potential threat to visitors.

The top one, .com, accounts for 43 percent of all websites, and the next 13 top level-domains account for another 38 percent. The other 1,040 top-level domains see less than 1 percent of site registrations each -- adding up to 19 percent of all remaining domains.

Of the top ten most dangerous top-level domains, the one with the most website registrations, according to ICAAN, is .science, a new top-level domain with 324,833 registrations.

The reason it's so popular? Back in March, according to Blue Coat, the registrar was giving away domains for free. As a result, of the top 200 most trafficked .science sites, 96 percent were shady, mostly spam. Since then, the percent shady has risen to 99 percent.

That might change -- has stopped giving away free domains and is now charging $16 each.

Other domain registrars have kept things clean right from the start.

The top-rated .mil top-level domain, for example, has very few shady sites -- just 0.24 percent of all domains in the Blue Coat database.

"They're paying attention to what's in their neighborhood, and they do some checking," he said.

The other nine least-shady top-level domains are .jobs, .ck (Cook Islands), .church, .gov, .gi (Gibraltor), .tel, .kw (Kuwait), .london and .jp (Japan).

Chart: Top 10 most evil top level domains:

1: .zip, 100 percent evil, <1,000 domains

2: .review, 100 percent evil, 45,304 domains

3: .country, 99.97 percent evil, 5,442 domains

4: .kim, 99.74 percent evil, 8,913 domains

5: .cricket, 99.57 percent evil, 27,723 domains

6: .science, 99.35 percent evil, 324,833 domains

7: .work, 98.20 percent evil, 68,144 domains

8: .party, 98.07 percent evil, 206,914 domains

9: .gq (Equatorial Guinea), 97.68 percent evil, 69,437 domains

10: .link, 96.98 percent evil, 150,595 domains

Source: Blue Coat, ICAAN


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