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The perils of corporate tweeting

Stefan Hammond | April 17, 2013
Many enterprise level-tech firms have sophisticated social media strategies. Unfortunately, all it takes is one employee with inflammatory social media skills, and the firm's brand takes a beating.

This highlights the importance of company spokespeople communicating with the press and the public. The science of public relations relies on competence, just as other sciences rely on competent practitioners, rather than goofballs with chemistry sets.

Worse tweets alleged

Although it hasn't received much press, analysis of Orth's tweets dating back to 2011 (his account is now locked, so they're offline) reveals a darker side. Take a look at his earlier tweets of Andrew Orth, according to a blog post by Andrew Bridgman on April 12.

Bridgman has cached tweets that are purportedly from "Orthy": Orth's handle for his Twitter account. Impossible to verify, but if they're real, they demonstrate a penchant for sarcasm verging on the offensive. According to these, it seems "Orthy" enjoys yanking people's chains with absurd, inflammatory nonsense.

An example sent January 6, 2013: "personally, I think always on internet connection is a pretty good idea. not quite hitler-level, but up there". You read that right, and that's not the only time "Orthy" referenced the notorious level of the Third Reich, according to the blog post.

Warning: these messages contain some bad language. Given the nature of the Net, we don't know if Adam Orth actually created them, but they are a primer for what NOT to tweet if you're representing a firm. "angry that u have to buy ms points that obscure the real price of things? just ask ur boss to pay you in ms points then from now on, jeez", reads another.

These tweets seem more the work of a sociopathic teen than a corporate employee. Perhaps examining the previous tweets of job applicants should be as commonplace as scrutinizing their Facebook profiles.


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