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Symantec to encrypt the internet by 2018

George Nott | June 7, 2016
Encryption Everywhere is a freemium website security package available through web hosting providers

Symantec has announced its ambition for all websites to be protected by SSL encryption within two years.

The cybersecurity giant’s Encryption Everywhere drive will “encrypt 100 per cent of all sites by 2018”.

It’s a lofty target, which APACJ Cyber Security Strategy manager Nick Savvides compared to that of Sisyphus, the character from Greek mythology doomed to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity.

“The task is never done,” he said at the launch in Sydney on Wednesday, “but we have a plan.”

Encryption Everywhere is a website security package available through web hosting providers. Providers are able to give free basic encryption to all users by default, then offer upgrades and premium security packages.

Symantec have partnered with WHMCS and cPanel to automate the process for hosting providers and the freemium model is already being offered by CertCentre, Zoner, InterNetX, Hostpoint and RUcenter. The hosts will take a slice of user upgrades.

“It’s the first security solution that gives web hosting providers an upsell opportunity to bring in new revenue streams without incurring a burden to their infrastructure, sales processes or administrative teams,” said the company in its announcement.

According to Symantec’s research, 75 per cent of all websites have unpatched vulnerabilities. Some 16 per cent of websites have vulnerabilities which are critical.

“Site admins don’t have time, or don’t understand value of data exchanged,” said Savvides, “the barrier [to encryption] has been too high.”

Like WhatsApp or iMessage encryption, said Savvides, Everywhere Encryption “will just get adopted - because it’s there”.


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