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Supporters and opponents of LTE-U both claim victory after collaborative testing

Jon Gold | Nov. 12, 2015
Recent tests to see whether LTE-U technology interferes with Wi-Fi signals prove conclusively that LTE-U poses no problems whatsoever for Wi-Fi networks, and also that LTE-U (Long-term evolution in Unlicensed spectrum) will drown out Wi-Fi, depending on which party is to be believed.

Despite a summit meeting held last week to hash out testing criteria, the fact that both sides managed to come up with the same old results could be a warning sign that a solution to the coexistence issue is still some distance away. Given that some U.S. carriers are moving to deploy LTE-U in mere months, the problem could well wind up in the hands of government regulators if tech companies can’t solve it themselves. FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, speaking at a wireless industry convention this summer, indicated that his agency could step in to protect Wi-Fi users if a solution isn’t found.


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