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Snapchat's latest feature shows why IT must tame marketing's inner monster

Evan Schuman | May 7, 2014
Marketers will want to use tools like Snapchat's Here feature to bend consumers to their will. IT has to inject rationality into the resulting discussions.

Most people have a bit of niceness and politeness inside of them. It's socialized into us as we learn to avoid being rejected a lot. Marketers, though, seem to have no fear of rejection. Only they could routinely send out hundreds of thousands of emails and be thrilled with a 1% response rate. The prospect of being turned down again and again via an instant video-communication app is not going to faze them.

This is why, when I heard about Here, I thought about how dangerous it could be in the hands of the marketing department. People who have no compunction about telephoning millions of people during the dinner hour are not going to resist a technology that will let them instantly show up on the phones of customers, even though those customers might get annoyed if they are driving, going to the bathroom or just watching TV. If their conscience won't stop them, you need to. Sorry, but there's a price for having grown up.


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