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ROI from marketing on Facebook has diminished: Shamik Sharma

Shubhra Rishi | July 10, 2013
In this interview, Shamik Sharma, Myntra's chief product and technology officer, tells you how constantly monitors its environment, keeps a sharp eye on trends, and shares new insights regarding social media.

CIO: What kind of data are you dealing with?

Shamik Sharma:We capture approximately 100 GB of data a month. This data is not huge because we are just getting started in terms of what we are capturing. At this point, we are mainly capturing two things online: What a customer buys, and what they are looking at. We use this data to optimize our website.

Going forward, we realize that the amount we will spend on storage and analytics will exponentially increase. This is mainly because of two reasons. First, Myntra's users are doubling, and second, we are capturing more aspects of our users, not just what they looked at or what they searched, but what we showed them even if they didn't look at it. From an e-commerce industry perspective, our data is relatively moderate, but it's growing exponentially.

CIO: Besides analytics, how else does IT help Myntra stand apart from its rivals?

Shamik Sharma: Until about a few months ago, our site was no different on a smartphone than it was on a desktop. It was so bad for phones. About 5 percent of our traffic used to come from mobile phones and we realized we needed to serve these customers better.

Today, we have the best mobile e-commerce site in India. We launched the site a few months ago and we would like to continue to invest in making our customers' mobile experience better. We are also building mobile apps for customers with specific interests.

Our overall plan is to increase revenue and grow through loyalty, i.e., spend our money improving our customers' shopping and post-delivery experience. This will help us retain more customers.

CIO: Tell us something about Get Satisfaction, Myntra's campaign to help customers share their challenges and feedback. What has resulted from the campaign?

Shamik Sharma: I'll give you one example. On the basis of analysis of our customers' feedback, we realized that they find delivery returns very hard, especially in clothing. So if a customer purchases a shirt from our site, but it's the wrong size, she must be able to replace it with the right size, instead of only being able to return it. Based on that, we now perform exchanges--instead of just asking customers to return items they've ordered from the site. This way, customers no longer have to worry about making an order all over again.


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